Solar power is a clean energy source, using photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity based on the photovoltaic effect mechanism in physics. This is an extremely clean, reliable and valuable renewable energy source for people. Vietnam is considered as one of the countries with great potential in developing renewable energy sources. In particular, solar power is currently a positive and recommended solution because of its positive effects.

    1. Exploiting available and limitless solar energy resources

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Energy from the sun is an inexhaustible and never-ending source of energy. For Vietnam, located in the tropics and near the equator, there is an abundant source of solar energy, ensuring the efficiency of solar energy.

    2. As a passive investment channel with economic efficiency in the long term

After investing in a solar power system, your family’s monthly electricity bill will be significantly reduced, the whole family’s daytime electricity consumption will be met by the solar power system. Solar power will be even more beneficial for business households that suffer from high electricity prices or households with large consumption levels on the 5th and 6th price scale.

In addition, the excess electricity from the system when not used up will be bought back by the power companies through two-way meters and signed a power purchase agreement within 20 years. The above mechanism is prescribed in  Decision 13/2020/QD-TTg on the Mechanism to encourage the development of solar power in Vietnam.

Describe the operating principle of a grid-tied solar power system

    Investment in installing solar power is effective because the payback period is only 4-5 years (depending on consumption), and the next 20 years is the net profit that your family will gain because of the life cycle of the solar panel Solar power systems operate for 25-30 years.

    3. Easy to install, operate and safe for users

The solar power system uses a part of the roof area of the house, the design and installation will be ensured by EPC Solar to meet the requirements for electrical safety, safety for inspection and operation. The inverter system converts and connects to the installed electrical system to operate fully automatically, without affecting the existing power system and easily so that customers can easily monitor and monitor daily. .

The solar power system is monitored by EPC Solar on a daily basis through a dedicated output monitoring app and provided to customers to monitor & monitor with EPC Solar. Ensure stable operation of the system throughout the life of the project.

Software Sunny Portal remote output monitoring – Inverter SMA

     4. Contributing to environmental protection and reducing pressure on power sources for EVN, promoting socio-economic development

Contribute to reducing CO2 emissions

On average, each person causes about 2 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year. This is a huge number!

About 34% of electricity production in Vietnam comes from coal-fired power plants. The production of thermal power from coal causes huge CO2 emissions. CO2 emissions are a measure of your energy consumption habits. For every kWh of electricity produced in Vietnam, about 815g of CO2 is emitted into the environment.

Solar power does not cause CO2 emissions. Every 1 kWh from the solar power system is 1 kWh you save from the national grid. Apart from wind and hydroelectricity, there is no other alternative energy source with less CO2 emissions, but solar power is more versatile and popular. Take for example a 3 kWp solar power system in Ho Chi Minh City. The above-mentioned HCM City will avoid 3.4 tons of CO2/year, equivalent to reducing CO2 emissions of 1.7 people.

Reducing pressure on power source for EVN and promoting socio-economic development

Currently, EVN is facing many difficulties with the depletion of new power sources to supply the country, while Vietnam’s economy is growing, leading to an increase in electricity demand in recent years. next year here. It is forecasted that after 2020, Vietnam will have a serious shortage of electricity and have to import electricity from abroad, so the Government is strongly encouraging investment in solar power, contributing to reducing pressure on the electricity industry and promoting development. economic development of the country.

Thus, solar power not only brings economic benefits and convenience to households, but also reduces environmental pollution and ensures national energy security.

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