Clean Energy

Inexhaustible, renewable

Reduces carbon emissions

Non-polluting, environmentally friendly

Cost savings

Reduces electricity costs

Connects to the national grid, helps receive financial support from the government

Takes zero energy-production costs

Independent use

Avoids power outage when there are faults on the power line

Not be affected by the electricity pricing policy

For households

Low demand

3 kWp or less for homes using electricity 1-2 million VND/ month (600 - 1200 kWh/ month).

Average demand

4-5 kWp system for homes using electricity 2-3 million VND / month (1200 - 1800 kWh/ month).

High demand

6-8 kWp system for homes using electricity cost of 3-4 million VND/ month (1800 - 2400kWh/ month).

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For businesses

Basic System

The system of 50 kWp or less for organizations using electricity of less than 50 million VND/ month.

Average System

The system of 50-100 kWp for organizations using electricity 50-100 million VND/ month.

Advanced System

The system of 100 kWp or more for organizations using electricity of over 100 million VND/ month.

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EPC Solar is an industry leader in clean energy fields. Our staff of certified specialists is committed to providing the best power solutions for domestic and foreign individuals, businesses, or organizations.

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